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Revolutionising near net shape component manufacture through, electroforming, additive manufacturing and powder metallurgy.

ICD Applied Technology are manufacturing complex near net shape metal components for high-integrity and demanding applications. The business takes an innovative approach to revolutionise the use of powder metallurgy to components that are typically cast, forged or machined by applying novel and flexible manufacturing methods that are allow for rapid manufacture and efficient use of material.

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We have a long and successful history.

Founded in 1952 as a global merchant for bulk chemicals, ICD Group has diversified into a major international conglomerate which deals in manufacturing, trading and distribution of specialised commodity products with a presence in over 50 countries worldwide through agents and representative offices. Their long-standing exclusivity and joint venture arrangements with suppliers, modern processing facilities, global logistics network and unparalleled customer service is what enables them to supply products of uniform quality and at the most competitive prices. ICD buys and processes high-value strategic metals and alloy revert from manufacturers to return the material to the supply chain by, for example, melting in vacuum induction furnaces to make superalloys. This revert material can also be used to make the powder mixtures which feed the production process for us at ICD Applied Technologies completing ICD Group’s strategy of supply from mine to market. 

About ICD Applied Technologies
  • About ICD Applied Technologies
  • About ICD Applied Technologies
  • About ICD Applied Technologies
  • About ICD Applied Technologies


In the heart of the UK’s manufacturing sector, Sheffield.

ICD Applied Technologies maiden production facility is in the heart of the UK’s metals sector in Sheffield, residing onsite at ICD Europe’s facility. ICD Group has a physical presence and global footprint to support our clients wherever our materials are sourced or needed.

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A next generation business in additive manufacturing of complex components.

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