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e-HIP ICD Applied Technologies
e-HIP ICD Applied Technologies

Revolutionising the use of powder metallurgy to manufacture near netshape components.

Key Benefits

A wide range of alloys and metals can be used in the e-HIP process

Capable of short lead times to meet demanding time frames

Excellent material performance

High performance alternative to traditional casting and forging

Rapid manufacturing of complex components

Efficient, cost effective and environmentally responsible use of materials

For demanding applications

e-HIP is a process developed to advance net shape manufacture by bringing increased flexibility and capability to make complex components for demanding applications.


Ideal solution for rapid manufacture of near next shape components.

e-HIP combines complex cannister manufacture with metal powder technology. The process is a flexible solution to the manufacture of low volume high complexity parts. Using our reverse engineering technology we can also generate and provide a solution where no detail drawings exist. The process can be adapted to manufacture a component or series of components from many metal types, including steel, nickel, aluminium and titanium. Short manufacturing lead-times are a virtue of this flexible process.

e-HIP ICD Applied Technologies

Step 1


Establish geometry.

Experience in the team to develop requirements from either part or drawing.

e-HIP ICD Applied Technologies

Step 2

3D Print Mandrel

Create 3D printed mandrel (polymer).

Serial production parts a steel mandrel can be used.

e-HIP ICD Applied Technologies

Step 3

Electroform Can

Electroform can.

Can to be produced in multiple sections.

Proven capability to make intricate shapes.

e-HIP ICD Applied Technologies

Step 4

Remove Mandrel

The conductive paint used on the polymer mandrel also acts as a release agent.

The mandrel will be re-used.

e-HIP ICD Applied Technologies

Step 5

Fill Can with Powder

Vibrate to optimise packing density.

Evacuate air and seal evacuation tubes.

e-HIP ICD Applied Technologies

Step 6

HIP Cycle

High temp and pressure consolidate the powder.

Can incorporate heat treatment.

e-HIP ICD Applied Technologies

Step 7

Remove Can

Release agent on inside of can facilitates removal.

Can is pure Ni and can be recycled.

e-HIP ICD Applied Technologies

Step 8


Minimal machining is required.

Components exhibit excellent mechanical properties, enabling light weighting re-design.

If you’re looking for cost effective near net shape components get in touch.

A next generation business in additive manufacturing of complex components.

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